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Our services are all about helping people meet pregnancy or pregnancy loss with courage and dignity so they can flourish.

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Beautiful and compassionate listening

Genuine accompaniment through the pregnancy and parenthood journey

Life has a person-centred online pregnancy listening service, which was inspired by the Samaritans.

It’s free, confidential, non-coercive, and non-judgmental.

In 2022, 8,370 people used this service.

The service works over freephone, text, web, and email. Whatever pregnancy-related issue someone is facing, a Life listener – trained in skilled listening and/or counselling – will face it with them.

“All I have received from you is acceptance, listening, and care. The words ‘thank you’ do not seem anything in comparison for what you have done for me, but: Thank you.”

Acceptance. Reassurance. Care. We’re all these things and more. With one listening ear, you have a whole new journey.

Life is an associate member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), and we adhere to their ethical guidelines.

We’re also members of the Helplines Partnership and are an NCFE-accredited centre of excellence delivering counselling training.

If clients wish to explore medical topics, we inform – not advise – using NHS information.

You can learn more about our accreditations here.

“If it wasn’t for that kind, compassionate, and sympathetic message I received from one of your workers when I was pregnant and in a vulnerable position, I wouldn’t have the beautiful, bright, and happy 17-month-old little girl I have today. Thank you so much for the incredible work you do.”

“It’s wonderful to have a charity that is there to support all women whenever they need it.”

Safe havens

Helping women transform themselves into capable and confident young mums

In 2022, we housed 181 mothers and children in our 19 Life Houses, with 46 babies being born in our Houses.

Our network of supported accommodation around the UK gives a place of safety and sanctuary for mums and their babies who would otherwise be homeless, unsupported, or at risk.

Whilst in this place of safety, we help them transition into early motherhood using the Trauma-Informed Approach. This is a specialist approach that strengthens relationships with clients and helps them develop their skills in money, housing, mental health, physical health, relationships, parenting, employment, education, and community connections. 

This approach enables clients to build confidence, self-esteem, and a belief that they can be the best parent and version of themselves now and in the future.

“Dear Julie and Alex [Life House Support Workers], thank you so much for all your help! I greatly appreciate what you did for me and [my son] ... All the girls in the Life House are very lucky to have you! Thank you for being a great support for everyone in need! You have been my safe haven during my stormy seas!”

Practical support and necessities

Acceptance, reassurance, and a community of support

Imagine having a friend who’s with you from day one. Every month we help women as they face the possibility that they might be pregnant. By offering free pregnancy tests as one of our services, we’re accompanying women from the very first moment of their pregnancy journey. In 2022, 36,081 women asked us for a free pregnancy test – that’s 100 every day!

Those getting free pregnancy tests can also take the test and share in a safe space guided by a Life listener.

“Your organisation is amazing and I can't thank you enough for how much it helps me knowing Life is there for support if I need it.”

Life also gives practical support – free mum and baby supplies like cots, prams, buggies, and maternity clothes. These relieve practical concerns so women can focus on being the best mother they can be to their child. In 2022, we serviced 320 requests for practical support.

“You guys are such an amazing charity. The work you do and provide is so important and is second to none.”

Inspiration and resources on your pregnancy journey

Changing the conversation around pregnancy, motherhood, adoption, and parenthood

How we view pregnancy plays a large role in whether we welcome its challenges and rewards or resist them. At the core of how we view pregnancy is how we were educated by our culture about pregnancy.

Life supports education around parenting, the adoption process, prenatal development, and pregnancy loss. We believe that education should help people to develop realistic notions of motherhood, including its joys and ideals, as well as adoption. Most importantly, we should show women how they can incorporate motherhood positively into their careers and future selves.

We have exciting plans over the next few years to innovate our services related to public education. We’re currently looking for partnerships and funding – contact us if you think you can help!

“Thanks Life for the care, the advice, education, support, the shelter, our lives – everything.”

Life is a national charity which helps and support anyone affected by pregnancy-related issues. This includes women and families before becoming pregnant, those who are pregnant, those after pregnancy, and those who’ve experienced pregnancy loss, or post-abortion issues. We do not refer for abortion or give information on abortion providers.

You can read our full terms of service here.

More about us

Pregnancy support is one of the most important things we as a society can do. Here’s how we see our purpose and our contribution.

Our values inform and guide everything we do. Find out what makes our approach unique.

Being trustworthy and offering high-quality services is important to us. Here are some of our accreditations and memberships demonstrating this commitment.