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Together, we can ensure no one faces pregnancy or pregnancy loss alone​.

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How we can work together


We can help you develop sensitive ways to talk about unexpected pregnancy and pregnancy loss that help people feel supported and accepted.


We can put you in touch with nearby Life initiatives, events, Houses, and other Life-supporting religious people or organisations.


We can provide you with resources to support women and families experiencing pregnancy and baby loss, of whatever form.


We can help you develop ideas for pregnancy and pregnancy loss support groups in your area.

Talk to the team

Hi! I’m Matt Feeley, and I’m your point of contact at Life for anything to do with churches and religious organisations.

To contact me, please fill out the form. I look forward to hearing from you!

matt feeley life national fundraising officer

Matt Feeley

National Fundraising Officer

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In a very humble way Life has always sought to lovingly support those facing difficult seasons in their life, providing friendly accompaniment and practical help.
parish priest
Father Simon Penhalagan
St Martin de Porres Catholic Church
Life’s ways are truly humanitarian, offering care to all and rejection to none. Wherever anyone finds Life, they find somewhere for sensitive, non-judgmental counselling, care and advice, as well as practical help.
Parish priest

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