Our values

All our work is underpinned by the following universal human values. These values guide and inform everything we do.

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All people are special and equal.

We believe that every human should be valued and that every life is precious. Recognising this principle is how we start to build a just and compassionate society.

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“We’re with you and for you”

We’re one human family, no matter our differences. We’re stronger together. So we set up listening and support services inspired by the Samaritans; we believe that we have to help the people who are meeting the challenges of pregnancy or pregnancy loss.

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“We’re better together”

We can’t put it better than one of our volunteers:

β€œI volunteer because I want to make a difference … to really help people, to really listen, and be able to enable others to be more positive and hopeful.”

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“Doing good for one another”

We passionately believe in being loving and positive, actually out there, rolling up our sleeves, and helping people.

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Common good

“Building a better world”

We believe that we should all work together to improve the wellbeing of all people in society, leaving this world better than we found it.

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